Grade 3 Resources

Grade 3 students continue their study of actions and practices that contribute to peace and order. Students investigate the responsibilities of varying levels of government and the scope of influence of their decisions. Students extend their use of maps and globes to represent the Earth and consider why people choose to live and settle where they do. Students begin to learn about the relationship between beliefs, rights, and responsibilities. They explore how history can impact present events and further examine how different points of view can lead to different interpretations of the same event. Students consider the impact of culture and diversity on interpretation of current events.


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To see how the resources fit together, check out the Concentus Continuum of Study PDF.

Additional Tools

Grades 3 – 5

Colour, Symbol, Image

This routine invites students to identify the main ideas in a text and represent them in nonverbal ways.

Concept Mapping

(Stars and Constellations)

Students individually and collectively surface their prior knowledge, assumptions, and conclusions about an essential question.

Discursive Sentence Starters

Hand gestures can signal the kind of thinking move a student intends to make when it’s their turn. 

Discussion Passport

When you’re travelling, you need a valid passport to gain admission to other’s lands. Another person’s ideas are a bit like another land, and it’s important to travel there respectfully.

Four Corners

Students individually and collectively surface their prior knowledge, assumptions, and conclusions about an essential question.

See, Think, Wonder

This routine asks students to silently observe images/text and note the details or importance of the image/text.

Sentence, Phrase, Word

This discursive and thinking routine supports students to think about big ideas and provides a structure for conversation.

Silent Conversations

This strategy provides a safe space to find new points of connection, tension, and curiosity.

Windows and Mirrors

A discursive strategy to clarify and deepen knowledge of the text or topic

ECC Wrap

Grades K – 4, 5 – 12

The Essential Citizenship Competencies (ECCs) provide a framework to explore questions of citizenship. The ECC Wrap is a thinking strategy that presents questions to support reading, thinking, and learning about a text, an experience, or an issue using a structured process. Students are invited to place the situation or issue in the centre and wrap it in ECC questions. As they collaborate to answer these questions, teachers have seen student understanding slowly and steadily broaden and deepen. These questions can be included in your planning, learning, and assessment to deepen students’ justice orientation. Use the suggested grade level option that works best for your students.

Mentor Text Study

Sample unit plans. More content will be added on an ongoing basis.

Mentor Text Study

All Grades


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Grade 3 Resources