Grade 6 Resources

Grade 6 students begin to investigate and understand the meaning of and relationship between authority and power, influence and force. They examine this concept from a personal perspective and then extend their understanding to Canada and countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Students examine the characteristics and traits of leadership beginning with the individual and then extend their understandings to the organizational structure of organizations nationally and internationally.


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Additional Tools

Grades 6 – 8

Citizenship Education Instructional Strategies Resource

Concentus citizenship inquiries invite teachers and students to meet K-12 Social Studies, History, and Native Studies outcomes in the context of rich units of inquiry. The inquiries themselves are means of cultivating the Essential Citizenship Competencies (ECCs) integral to justice-oriented citizenship.

Unit Plans

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UbD 2-3

Student Journal

Teacher Resource

Suggested Picture Books

ECC Wrap

Grades K – 4, 5 – 12

The Essential Citizenship Competencies (ECCs) provide a framework to explore questions of citizenship. The ECC Wrap is a thinking strategy that presents questions to support reading, thinking, and learning about a text, an experience, or an issue using a structured process. Students are invited to place the situation or issue in the centre and wrap it in ECC questions. As they collaborate to answer these questions, teachers have seen student understanding slowly and steadily broaden and deepen. These questions can be included in your planning, learning, and assessment to deepen students’ justice orientation. Use the suggested grade level option that works best for your students.


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Grade 6 Resources