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a documentary play by playwrights Joel Bernbaum, Lancelot Knight, and Yvette Nolan

Educators and school divisions are looking for ways to dive deeply, safely, and bravely into the psychological, social, cultural, and organizational work of anti-racism – particularly in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. We think that the play, Reasonable Doubt, can help us do this. We have seen the play at work in our city, Saskatoon, SK, where it premiered to sold-out audiences at Persephone Theatre from January 29th to February 12th , 2020. In the winter of 2021, we studied the play for the first time with our senior students in ELA30 and Drama 20/30 classes. In both the theatre and the classroom, Reasonable Doubt has prompted powerful introspection and community dialogue. We hope that it can offer you and your community a space and a method for having critical conversations about race, now and in the years ahead.


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The Story of Reasonable Doubt, the Play

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The Story of Reasonable Doubt, the Teacher Guide

Welcome to the Teacher Guide to Reasonable Doubt