Grade 7 Resources

Grade 7 students are beginning to investigate and understand the various types of power and governance within their own country at the local, regional, provincial, national and global levels. As the understanding of the levels of power that govern Canada develop, students compare and contrast those structures and processes with countries operating within Pacific Rim and circumpolar regions that do not operate as democracies. This area of citizenship focuses on the student using critical thinking skills to better understand the relationship between geography, resources, culture and historical events.


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Ressources fransaskoises

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Grades 6 – 8

Citizenship Education Instructional Strategies Resource

Concentus citizenship inquiries invite teachers and students to meet K-12 Social Studies, History, and Native Studies outcomes in the context of rich units of inquiry. The inquiries themselves are means of cultivating the Essential Citizenship Competencies (ECCs) integral to justice-oriented citizenship.


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Grade 7 Resources