Introduction to Justice-Oriented Citizenship

What is Justice-Oriented Citizenship Education?

The Concentus Citizenship Education K-12 inquiries are designed to cultivate in students a justice-orientation toward citizenship by developing their Essential Citizenship Competencies.
There are 3 predominant approaches to citizenship education, represented here

Introduction to Justice-Oriented Citizenship
The Power 5

The Position(ality) of the Justice-Oriented Citizenship Educator

Students and educators are diverse in diverse ways. Each has a cultural lens through which they perceive, interpret, and respond to self, others, life, and learning. This lens is shaped by life experiences as well as the social construction of identity factors such as gender, race, language, culture, religion, age, and physical ability. As a result of these factors and the value assigned to each, each person has experienced and continues to experience different combinations of advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and barriers, privilege and marginalization. 


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