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See, Think, Wonder

Who is this for?

All grades

Why use it?

To practice looking closely at images or text and to build some deeper insights

Bloom’s Level


What is it?

This routine asks students to silently observe images/text and note the details or importance of the image/text.


See, Think, Wonder template (optional or one per group)


Whole class, small groups or individually

1. Place the text/image in a way that everyone can see the details. View it silently for 2-3 minutes.

2. Students state what they see (either orally or in writing) and Think-Pair-Share their thinking.

3. Students then discuss what they think about the image. This could include what connections they can make as well as a reason.

4. Ask students what they are now wondering based on what they have seen and been thinking. Remind students that wonder is to move beyond just what is in the image and connected to a larger issue/idea.


The questions the students created can go up on a Wonder Wall for future discussion or use in a KWH chart (What do you think you Know, What do you Wonder, How can you find the answers).

Adapted from “See, Think, Wonder” in Making Thinking Visible, Ritchhart, 2011)


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