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Thinking Routines and Discursive Strategies

Here’s What, So What, Now What, Huddle

Who is this for?

Grade 3+

Why use it?

To examine key ideas, data, evidence and findings more deeply

Bloom’s Level


What is it?

This routine supports students to identify their most significant findings, make inferences about their meaning, and consider their implications for next steps in thinking and action.

Materials – Template

Set-Up – Pairs, small groups or large group

How does it work?

Explain columns to students:

In the first column, they record key data, evidence, or ideas.

In the second column, they generate ways of interpreting this data, evidence, or idea.

In the third column, they consider the implications of the data, considering stakeholders, time periods, and contexts.


  • Ask students to form small groups, share their responses, and create a visual to represent their 4Cs thinking.

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